Frequently Asked Questions

Check out our FAQs below. If you have any other questions, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

FFL Transfers

We will text you when your items has arrived. We are by appointment only. Use “Book Now” on our website to schedule and pay your transfer fee. You will need: non-expired State issued Pennsylvania Photo ID with current address.

Items held for more than 30 days incur a $30 charge. We look forward to your transfer. Note our new location is 246 Bala Avenue, Bala Cynwyd PA 19004.

Our transfer fee is $65 + $45 for each additional item you transfer to us.

If you are denied a transfer or fail the background check there are no refunds.

Our transfer fee is still an incredible bargain. We charge a flat rate of $65 whether it is a long gun or a handgun and $45 for each additional item. The reality is that the regulatory environment for firearms is increasing dramatically with new rules being added by the ATF almost on a weekly basis.

We are also by appointment only so that we can give the best customer service and run the fastest and most efficient transfers. We are one of the few FFLs for which you can sit and do your paperwork. We are also happy to curate items that will enhance your success. by being by appointment only, you are not waiting in a long line or dealing with a crowd of people ahead of you.

All firearms are subject to a $30 storage fee after 30 days. If a firearm accrues 3 months of unpaid storage fees and you have not chosen an alternative transfer option such as commission or return, we will sell the firearm.

All firearms are subject to a $30 storage fee after 30 days.

You have to send in an appeal form. Here is the link to form SP 4-197. Send your form to Pennsylvania State Police, Firearms Division, PICS Challenge Section, 1800 Elmerton Avenue, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania 17110.

Your firearm and customer service experience is treated with the utmost care at Shot Tec. Your firearm will be inspected when it arrives and we will notify you via call, text, and email to arrange pickup using the contact information you left with whomever you purchase the firearm from it will then be stored in a locked metal safe in a air conditioned and dehumidified room.

If there’s any perceived defect that we notice we will call and let you know once it has arrived in case you are not made aware of that defect when you purchased it or there was damage in shipping. to our knowledge we are the only FFL that locks up all firearms in safes and thus we offer the most secure storage for your firearms while they are in our care.

Shot Tec reserves the right to store your firearm at an off-site location in case of natural disaster or man-made emergency to ensure it’s Secure Storage in accordance with the National Shooting Sports foundation and ATF guidelines and recommendations.

While obtaining a concealed carry permit from the Philadelphia Licensing Center or your county sheriff’s department is a good practical idea even if you don’t consider or plan on concealed carrying a firearm, it is not required to own a handgun or long gun in Pennsylvania at your home.

You do however need a Pennsylvania state driver’s license or a Pennsylvania state ID that is valid and up-to-date to obtain a handgun in Pennsylvania and be 21 years old and not be a prohibited possessor.

To obtain a long gun in Pennsylvania you need a valid, state-issued identification for which it is lawful for you to own that firearm in your resident state and be 18 years old or older. Your address must be accurate without any typos or your identification must be accompanied with a valid state issued update card such as from Penndot.

If your primary identification is expired or has typos, then it is not valid. If you are a green card holder you must have your green card on you for the transfer. We will accept transfers for student visas and green card holders, but you must bring the proper identification required for your particular residency. If you do not have the proper identification at the time of the transfer we will have to reschedule.

We reserve the right to withhold the transfer if we are uncomfortable with the transfer in any way.

Our refund fee is 30% of the firearm value and we will mail you a check. We do not do cash refunds. We do not refund for transfer fees.

Shot Tec does not refund for transfer fees. As for the firearm purchase price from another FFL, that will need to be settled by the FFL you purchased from per their policy.

If they will accept the return but not pay for shipping, then you will need to pay for shipping for us to send it back. If they do not have a return policy or will not accept the return then we cannot transfer the firearm to a third party that you know as that would be considered a straw purchase by the ATF.

We can sell the firearm on commission for 30% or you can forfeit the firearm. The firearm accrues a $30 storage fee for every 30 days it stays with Shot Tec or from the time of the denial. If your firearm has storage fees, those must be paid before we send the gun back.

Shot Tec

List of things Shot Tec does for which we are always by appointment only; appointments are made in advance and on-line:

1) Provides education, training, and consultation to individuals and couples utilizing our advanced multimedia system and indoor shooting range simulator.

2) Provides education, training, and consultation to groups utilizing our advanced multimedia system and simulator.

3) We are an FFL available for transfers.

List of things Shot Tec does NOT do:

We are NOT a gun store. We don’t have selections that people can browse. We are not open to the public. Walk in’s or pop-in’s are not welcome. We are not Cabela’s, or a Bait-n-tackle place. We DO NOT do live fire at this location. For live fire training we take clients to King Shooter Supply in King of Prussia or another local gun range. We DO NOT sell full autos or 3-round burst guns or stuff like that.

Items held for more than 30 days incur a $30 charge. We look forward to your transfer. Note our new location is 246 Bala Avenue, Bala Cynwyd PA 19004.

To give the best customer service. Paperwork can take at least 15 minutes and the background check phone line is quick but can take up to an hour. Other businesses do not fully explain the forms and will kick you out if you make a mistake. Other businesses make you stand and fill the forms and can take an exceeding long time to get the paperwork done (partially so you walk around the store and want to buy things).

Shot Tec LLC’s simulation technology is 100% dry fire technology; it is absent of any kind of live ammunition. There is zero possibility of gunfire in dry practice training.


All professionals and top-tier competitors have been utilizing dry fire practice for decades and it is their secret to success. Amateurs do 90% live fire or more while professionals do 90% dry practice followed up by live fire. Its counter-intuitive but take a personal training session or class with us to see why.


Dry Fire is shooting practice WITHOUT live ammunition. Live ammunition is a cartridge that consists of a shell casing that encompasses a primer (used to ignite the powder), explosive powder, and a projectile. When a cartridge is put inside a firearm’s barrel and once the trigger is pulled, the primer is struck by a firing pin which ignites the primer which sets of the powder which forces the projectile out of the cartridge and through the barrel. HOWEVER Dry Fire is 100% safe because it is firearms practice WITHOUT the presence of live ammunition. As such, it is impossible for Dry Fire to result in a gun shot. Furthermore, our training simulator suite features “training devices” that are look and feel like real firearms but are not.


With Shot Tec LLC’s technology, dry fire is now paired with an advanced simulator, featuring laser emitting and sensing technology to create the best of all worlds. We use this technology for both training and recreation to achieve our mission: increasing safety and performance.

We do not sell firearms in the office. We provide consultations as to what firearms would be the best fit for your needs. Click here to book a personal shopping appointment.

Yes, but that is seperate from our simulated technology services. We offer Basic Handgun and Rifle certifications as well as many other live fire training and recreational opportunities to individuals and groups. Contact us for more details. More information on that will be coming soon.


Shot Tec, LLC’s services and technology are also available to large groups, Act 235 Private Security instructionals, and law enforcement training for rent or to be used in conjunction with other 3rd party instructors and schools. If you are interested in hiring or renting our equipment or services for your instructrionals, please contact us and we would be happy to help.

We have a simulator not a range so we can do games, drills, scenarios you can duck, find cover, shout commands whereas at a range you have to be quiet and stand in a booth. Our mission is education and training and theirs is to sell stuff and get customers in and out.


No, but we have other training devices that may fit your needs. Book a personal shopping here appointment to discuss this further.

Items held for more than 30 days incur a $30 charge. We look forward to your transfer. Note our new location is 246 Bala Avenue, Bala Cynwyd PA 19004.

You can learn marksmanship, safe handling, and how to respond to scenarios. Our simulator provides drills, games, and real-life sequences that respond to your voice and actions.

All of our devices are considered “Training devices” and are 100% incapable of firing any live ammunition. Some of the devices we use may have been modified permanently or temporarily from real firearms. We modify those firearms to emit lasers only. We also provide training devices that are comparable to real firearms that include felt recoil but, again, are 100% incapable of being fed or discharging live ammunition.

We have numerous training devices and numerous simulation equipment and some devices feature recoil. The felt recoil from these devices vary. So, if you are new to firearms handling we can start you off with zero recoil and graudally increase the recoil to near levels of real firearms. If you are experienced and looking for a more “real feel” we are happy to do that as well.


By booking a training via our website.


Maturity, attention span, and ability to take direction are the three key factors when instilling responsibility in children for any activity that carries responsibility. Just like with adults, age is not a direct indicator of those three factors, but Shot Tec LLC’s simulated technology provides the perfect way to teach firearms safety to children and adults because there is no live ammunition present. Once safety is instilled, Shot Tec LLC’s simulated technology is also the best way to instill how firearms can be rewarding if treated properly and can carry serious repercussions if not. Unlike rock climbing, sailboating, or even power tools, Shot Tec LLC’s simulated experiences are exceedingly safe and immensely rewarding.

Parents are often impressed by how much children develop maturity and ability to take direction with this opportunity. Parents are also surprised at how grateful their children are to to their parents to be given the opportunity to have so much fun.

For the rare instance in which a child, with a guardian present, demonstrates they are not yet ready to follow the safety rules, we are grateful to provide you the knowledge that your child is not yet ready and it would be best to revisit the topic later on. We view this as a win-win because safety and development are our #1 priority. Young children especially have limited attention spans so we recommend scheduling learning in limited windows so they dont get burned out.

Every lesson starts off with the two rules of firearm safety for children (If a child sees a firearm, STOP! DONT TOUCH! Go get an adult) and the three rules of safe firearms handling when with an adult. Shot Tec LLC’s instructors know to give one instruction at a time, to always be encouraging, and always make learning a postive experience. We tell parents that its OK to make mistakes and even miss because the primary goal is to instill safe handling… after that we can focus on marksmanship, form, etc. All the while, Shot Tec LLC’s instruction is designed to be fun, because that’s the best way to learn. As the child learns, we increase the recreational aspect of games often using “brain-game” style targets to test if they can continue to handle a firearm safely and effectively as their brains are tested.

Firearms are ubiquitious in pop culture around the world. Most depictions of firearms in cinema, video games, music, and television often don’t instill a healthy respect for firearms. Worse, they can often instill an unhealthy care-free “wow, cool” attitude. Like sailboating, rock climbing, driving, using power tools, learning how to use a knife, these skills and activities that can be very rewarding if handled properly and very tragic if not. Shot Tec LLC’s mission is to instill the the knowledge and attitude to make sure individuals and communities continue to become safer.


Firearms activities and uses are also ubiquitious around the world, not just in the United States such as sports like trap shooting, skeet shooting, clay shooting, bird hunting, varmint hunting, big game hunting, trapping, flare guns for survival at sea, survival tools in the backcountry, self defense, and occupational neccessities. As such, instilling a solid foundation of firearms safety can ensure safety and that we all feel safe.


Many laypersons or occupations may encounter firearms even when least expected. Stories abound of nurses, doctors, law enforcement, security personnel, real estate agents, firemen/EMS, agricultural occupations, and more encountering firearms that may be loaded or unloaded. Having a basic knowledge of firearms safety can help you navigate such a situation and ensuring safety.


According to estimates, 1 in 3 USA households has a firearm in it and by knowing firearms safety you will know what to expect from yourself and others who may or may not possess firearms and store them in their homes, vehicles, or at work.

NJ Concealed Carry Course

NJ Concealed Carry Answer 2

NJ Concealed Carry Answer 2

Personal Shopping

No. We are by appointment only. Why? To give the best customer service. Paperwork can take at as little as 15 minutes but we can only initiate the background check with the government. We do alot an hour for each appointment and while background checks usually go very quickly, usually within 5 minutes, the state can have delays.

You should prepare for your appointment by bringing your state issued identification. you can only bring one friend or family member just know that we will ask them about your relationship to ensure that it is not a straw purchase. once you arrive and are settled in we look forward to discussing your goals and how we can best meet your needs.

Either in our office (located at 246 Bala Ave, Bala Cynwyd, PA 19004) on via Zoom. 

A $30 fee is required to reserve your appointment. The price of the session is applied to your items. The additional cost of the items you select with us will be paid at the end.

Another reason for the $30 fee is that you are paying for our time and expertise. We also have no financial interest in selling you unwanted inventory. For many, a new or first firearm can be a serious decision and you are paying that small fee to monopolize our time, energy, and expertise to guide you in finding the solution for your goals.

Free First Time Gun Owner Checklist

Buying your first firearm is a big responsibility. Download our free first time gun owner checklist so you can be fully prepared with all the equipment and trainings necessary.

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